Treat your feet to a fashion makeover

Occasionally women’s footwear is seen as a poor relation compared with other types of clothes. That’s a mistake. You have to aim at hitting the ground running with your choice of footwear, it’s a crucial step towards setting the tone for the rest of your outfit. A key fashion item for any woman’s wardrobe is a good pair of half boots. There’s more variety than ever before with models designed for dance floor divas, the trip down to the shops, nattering at the school gates, sophisticated brunches or just the serious business of looking your best. Watch out for some retro looks, original fabric mixes and buckles aplenty. Traditional tones including beige, slate and chocolate are well to the fore as always. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a little bolder. Leopardskin effect fabric anyone?Anyone for leopardskin style fabric? Then there’s shimmering metallic blue. The synthetic fur look is also in rude health. However, if you’re really after more colourful looks, you should switch your attention to our range of ladies’ shoes. There’s nothing quite like a pair to make you feel really glammed-up. And you can really let your hair down with some cheeky blends such as black, red and white or bubblegum pink, lime and yellow. Bring extra interest to your heels with rhinestones and pearls or get belted up with buckles, both big and small.
Now you just have to find the outfit to go with the shoes! It’s definitely the time of year for making an extra effort so it’s a sophisticated look we’re trying for. Picking out a few dresses is the ideal starting point. If you’re a fan of more subdued tones you’re in for a treat. Warm rust browns and soothing greys are to be seen everywhere although more colourful shades make an appearance in solid colour looks and paired with black, often as stripes, whether wide or more discreet.